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The JOBS Act of 2012 enabled millions of  new prospective investors in acquiring securities from privately held companies.

Information Access

Over $2 trillion of private capital transactions are completed annually in the US.   In recent years this amount has surpasses public offerings.  World of Private Offerings has imported all Regulation D filings since January 2015.  The database has over 79,000 filings with each record providing access to the original Form D filings plus all amendments.  We have designed a simple but powerful search application.  All search results can be viewed and downloaded.

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Prior to the JOBS Act 2012 investing in private securities was done primarily professional fund managers.  Participation by individual investors came from a select group of “angel investors”.   The JOBS Act 2012 now allows public soliciation of capital by private company.   The vast majority of these prospective new investors have never invested securities that were not publicly listed.  Any sound financial decision is based on knowledge and information.  World of Private Offerings is dedicated to providing a wide range of educational content.

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World of Private Offerings enables interaction between a wide variety of people.   New investors can reach out and make contact with investment professionals, company executives, service providers, etc.  In turn entities offering securities can participate in webinar and forums providing the required facts and insights required to complete the due diligence process.   The objective is build a robust communication platform the initiates and nurtures productive one on one relationships.

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Industry News

Where time can be more valuable than money, World of Private Offerings searches for the most relevant stories, press releases, videos, etc., and presents the results in one place.   The viewer can quickly scan to select that one piece of content that best meets their interests.  To be competitive one must be informed.   To make a sound investment decision one must be informed.   The search for the best sources of content is an on-going work in progress.

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